mini margot

I'm continually amazed by the moms that I get to meet and how they handle the crazy newborn phase so gracefully -- and this was no exception.  My downtown Austin newborn session with Melissa, Colin and baby Margot felt more like hanging out with friends on a Saturday afternoon, which is why I love this job. 

I’m pretty sure my cheeks were sore the next day because mama Melissa had me laughing for a solid 2 hours while we all played with 1 month old little Margot. Any mama that can look so put together while simultaneously cracking jokes and juggling a newborn for hours while running on 2 hours sleep is pretty much superhuman in my book. And the way Colin and Melissa compliment each other and are so clearly in love with their new addition was really special to witness. Congratulations Smith family, Margot is one lucky little lady! 

Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

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