golden girl + goldendoodle

We've known Jenni and Trevor for a number of years and have loved celebrating with them their amazing talents as triathlete extraordinaire (mom Jenni) and beautiful custom furniture maker (dad owns Trevor Thurow Custom Furniture Design) -- but now an even more fun celebration, the addition of their first little one Lawson Olivia. Well I should really say the addition of their second baby, because Packer the goldendoodle (yes, that's a Cheesehead reference) rightfully holds a pretty prominent position in the family. How Packer interacted with Lawson really got me -- that protectiveness over her and unexpected gentleness with her -- so dang cute. 

Congratulations Jenni and Trevor on your sweet little girl! It was so special getting to meet her and see your family grow. Here are some of my favorites from our day:

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