wrestling & hair twirling

When I first got to the Robison home, Adrienne and I chatted about the things that little Liam and Ben love to do. High on that list was reading books, especially for big brother Liam.  What she didn't tell me was that he twirls.her.hair while she reads to him -- y'all that's one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I love those funny little details about kids' personalities!  They're the things I get so excited to catch on camera for my families because they're the little things that you love so much about them now, but if not documented you might forget about down the road. 

Ben and Liam also love wrestle time with Dad -- so naturally when the boys got squirmy we let them do their thing to get all that energy out.  There's nothing like a good family wrestling session to make for some great photos. 

Then, we headed over to the park around the corner where the boys love to play, brought along some of their favorite toys and just let the family fun unfold. 

Thank you Robisons for letting me be a fly on the wall on your fun day! 

Check out some of my favorites from our session below:

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